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A very good match was turned into a farce when the Saturday League Grand Final between Crusaders and Pakistan Club ended in a dramatic tie at KCC on 1st May 2010. The fact that we are still playing league cricket in May is another topic worthy of debate by The Crusader, but it was the farcical scenes at the end of the match, that saw both teams claiming victory, that gets first attention.

The result raises a number of questions. How, for starters, can you have a tied match in a knock-out competition? Surely, the whole point of the knock-out format is to find a single winner. What, I wonder, would have been the decision had there been a tied result in one of the semi-final matches?

Why did the Saturday League rules not define the winner of matches at this phase of the competition? We've had the play-off competition for a couple of seasons now but the competition rules were found to be woefully lacking when it came time to determining a winner in the most important match of the season.

Why was there only one umpire assigned to stand in a Grand Final match and why was there no competent scorer at the game? Doesn't the HKCA offer money for qualified people to do these jobs? The lack of suitable officials degraded the value of the game and the ACU&S should hang their heads for not making a better effort at doing what they're supposed to do.

It is understood that the result has has been referred to the MDC for a review but one doubts that they will be able or willing to make a ruling in favour of either team. Whatever happens, one hopes that the HKCA, its various management committees, and the ACU&S learn from this game and make improvements for the next season.

- The Crusader