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Obviously the cricketing world is abuzz with The Ashes, and story numero uno in the world’s press was England’s arrival in Perth for some hit-and-giggle v Western Australia (late-breaking update: England win by six wickets). Swanny loves the fact there is a river named after him, and he was happy to chat about some tweak when I sat down with him and that other English spin legend, Ashley “Gilo” Giles.
Some of you might not know that in England a few years back, when Gilo was turning it absolutely square (ask Damien Martyn about the crash of off-stump Ash), the enterprising boys at Warwickshire CC ordered some chinaware from the local potter, to be embossed with Gilo’s moniker: the King of Spin. Obviously these were intended to be choice items in the gift shop – and there could be few things higher up a young lad’s Christmas list than a mug with Gilo’s mug on it.
The potter, however, misread the order (or, as some Aussie wags have said, couldn’t believe the caption) and so emblazoned all the mugs with the words The King of Spain; thus are legends born
Gilo is now an England selector and although he has overlooked The Spin Doctor for an official tweak spot on the current Ashes tour, this column still holds him in high regard.
Swanny is looking to rip through the Aussie press pack the same way he did through Punter’s gate at Edgbaston during the 2009 series. The Spin Doctor has been giving him some coaching in the black arts of media handling and we can confidently say that Peter Roebuck et al will have their hands full with Swanny’s full range of verbal zooters, armballs, and toppies.

Jimmy Anderson’s ribs have come through after the Bavarian boxing match v Chris Tremlett. Big Chris is looking for the Ashes spot cruelly denied to The Spin Doctor, and he told me he is a bit fed up being referred to as a “gentle giant” all the time. If he gets the nod for Brisbane on Nov 25, remember that you heard it here first that the big lad is looking to break some Aussie bones…

Meanwhile all is far from well in the Aussie camp. Six defeats on the bounce mean Punter and Pup are far from happy, and there have been plenty of mutterings about the leadership. The Spin Doctor was obviously in the dressing room during the Sri Lanka blastathons, and distinctly heard Huss have a pop. This is a family column, with a PG certificate, so there isn’t much of it I can repeat. Clarkey did finally get a few runs under his belt in the last ODI, but things are far from rosy in the garden of Cricket Australia. The tweak spot is looking particularly troublesome, and The Spin Doctor is all set for the call-up. The word is it is between me, Nathan, and Stevey Smith; I am hoping to get the nod by plying some rough trade in text messaging and hair weaves to do my bit for the twirling tradition in the camp. Watch this space…

Back in the sub-continent I was just in time to catch the flight over to HK with the Pakistan lads as we mounted a brave challenge to the Aussies in the final of the Hong Kong Sixes. Always one of my favourite events this, what with the lush hospitality in many venues around the Special Administrative Region. I obviously renewed a few acquaintances over there, while still keeping my fingers tightly wrapped over the seam of the slightly worn pink ball. As we neared the climax at KCC I wondered whether I was going to be called on to bowl the last over but no: tweak fans must lament that The Spin Doctor had to make his own private call just at that moment… To be clear, and notwithstanding his access to dressing rooms around the world, The Spin Doctor supports all attempts to clean up cricket and deplores any and all match-fixing, spot-betting, or illicit pitch information. Hold on, call coming in on the other line…  

- TSD]]>